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Clay Farm began as the vision of Mick & Ella Grinnall, started in the late 70’s when the 100 acres was purchased from the late Mr & Mrs George Griffiths. Now things have evolved; the sudden death of Mick Grinnall in 2003 led to a new partnership of Ella, son Rob, his wife Vicky and their son Daniel.
The farm has been expanded with the purchase of a further 60 acres and is run within a HLS scheme, allowing for low input, low stocking, high quality stock production.

We keep and produce quality, warranted stock, Zwartbles Sheep, Border Leicesters, Dutch Spotted Sheep, Pygmy Goats, Miniature Donkeys and Welsh Cobs.
Our farming of livestock aims to produce top quality animals with attention given to their welfare and management. The breeds we have chosen are suited for our low-level stocking densities and are marketed to the niche market rather than mass production.
We welcome visitors who wish to inspect any of the animals – even if they don’t buy any!

The fishing pools are popular whilst retaining the quiet family atmosphere nurtured by Mick from their instigation; associated with and complimentary to the pools is a C.L. site for caravans.
Beautiful views and great fishing are available for those who stay either as part of the C.L. or on an organised Caravan Rally.
Sporting Heights is a holiday house for families and friends. This offers a complete and active venue for your party. We aim to expand on this year on year offering new services to enhance your stay.


We recommend checking the pages here for further information.

Clay Farm Events is the latest addition to the portfolio of businesses. People can rent a 10-acre field for a weekend event of their own. This can be for a small private party with just close family and friends up to a 200-person gathering. Check the link below for further details on this.


At Clay Farm we occasionally have storage shipping containers available for rent.

These are secure, weatherproof containers with access from 6am - 9pm 7 days a week.  Demand is high and there may be a waiting list, but do email if you have any interest and we can keep you in mind.



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