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At Sporting Heights we are determined to make your stay with us as comprehensive and enjoyable as possible.  We have gone one step further to ensuring your experience is complete and pre-booked for your arrival. We have either teamed with other local businesses, or provided ourselves, these various activities to guarantee that we have everything covered whilst you are here.Whether booking the activities that we offer or those from other local businesses we ask that you look carefully at the links and then contact us to book the add-on for your holiday.Don’t leave it until the last minute as these services may well be booked or need time to be prepared. However, you can be sure that we have checked that these are the best we can source.


Haydan Zwartbles have been a part of the beech Hay flock for many years, but it wasn’t until 2017 that Dan decided that he would like his own prefix. Beech Hay Barrister, many times champion and National Champion, was a grandson of Dans first pet lamb Beech Hay Sunflower. Her daughter Beech Hay Willo the Wisp would come looking for Dan every morning as they rode through the stock.

Many people have asked to buy Barry (Barrister), but Dan has resolutely held on to him out of loyalty and knowing he produces great stock for him and the Haydan Flock.

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