Fishing At Clay Farm

The large carp pool is approximately ¾ of an acre. It is 12 feet deep in the centre and has a shallow western edge. The fish are Common, Mirror, Crucian and Grass carp, ranging from the smallest to a pool record 25lbs carp, caught by a 14 year old boy in 2004.

There is plenty of tree cover to get under to protect you from the cold weather, bank edges to fish under, or wide banks to sit on and relax with your family or friends. You can try almost any technique; simple floating bread is often the most successful but remember to be careful with the fish whatever you use.

The pool is always a red colour as a result of the bottom feeding carp that stir up the clay on the bottom. £5.00 per rod per day.

Small Carp Pool at Clay Farm


The small carp pool is approximately 25 feet across and is ideal for those hoping to catch many smaller carp or roach.

It is a fantastic breeding pool for the carp and roach and when we have netted it, we have been able to remove many kilos of fry. Children love this pool as most casts catch something, even if it is just a gudgeon.

The carp are up to 8lbs in weight and of various types, including some goldfish.

£5.00 per rod per day.

Silver Fish Pool – 2010


The Silver Fish Pool was the last pool to be dug at Clay Farm and has tench, roach, bream and chubb. It is a very popular pool for contests. £5.00 per rod per day.

We are considering syndicating one or two of the pools and so would welcome any interest in these pools.

Please contact us through this link to the contact page

The Trout Pool – Beech Hay


The first fishing pool was dug at Clay Farm in 1979 for trout fishing. Two carp pools, and in 1997, a silver fish pool, were added to the fishing experience available at Clay Farm.

There is a year round minimum flow of 35 litres of water per minute from the natural springs found at Clay Farm ensuring that the fish are able to survive the hot summers and remain active even when the ground temperature is below zero.

Fishing is relaxed and family orientated. We have rules, which must be adhered to, but you are welcome to bring your family for a picnic.

This pool is syndicated to a local company and we are grateful for their continued support.

Trout Pool at Clay Farm





Any of the pools can be booked for contests either on a part or whole pool basis. Booking a whole pool for the day will cost £100.

As described earlier, we are a family friendly, fishing establishment, but this does not mean that we do not have strict rules that have to be followed.

If you wish to come fishing or to book a contest, please read our fishing rules section and then, if you would like to proceed, please send in a booking e-mail, a link can be found on our Contact Us page.


All fishing is from dawn until dusk, with definitely NO night fishing.

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