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Pygmy goats first arrived at Clay Farm at the end of 2009. We have again invested in good quality registered nannies, some of whom have had success in the showring.

We purchased a Mountcross female Honey Lexi and she produced a billy kid by Mountcross Suntory. Beech Hay Honeypot was used on the rest of the herd for 2011, producing some very good stock.

The Marshview females followed shortly, bringing our herd to a breeding number of 7 females, all of which were correct and quality females.


We hope that a combination of the breeding of these two famous herds will produce a Pygmy goat that is a beautiful example of the breed and a fantastic pet for anyone who hopes to keep Pygmy goats.

Since starting with the Pygmy Goats, we have been fortunate to breed some stunning female kids and some of these have been retained within the herd. They are of varying colours but all with the characteristics of the breed.

Pygmy goats make lovely pets; they are clean quiet and friendly. However like any pet, they require care and attention and they are a commitment for possibly 10 years or more. They require shelter, hay and feed each day and of course a constant supply of fresh water.

Our Pygmy goats are vaccinated 6 monthly with Heptavac P to protect them against some of the more unpleasant diseases. They are wormed regularly to ensure they stay as free as possible from internal and external parasites.

Our goats have all been tested free of CAE a disease of goats that is insidious and devastating to the goat.

Pygmy Group with kids 2011

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We will be kidding again in December 2014, please contact us if you would like to be added to our waiting list for pygmy kids.

We offer full support in all matters relating to the individuals that we sell. We will offer care advice and where possible any medical questions can be answered.




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