Clay Farm Fishing Pools offer a family friendly, fishing environment, in order to keep it that way, we strictly enforce the following rules:

– All nets must be dipped before leaving the car parking area to begin fishing.

– Barbless hooks only and no larger than size 10.

– No keep nets except for booked contests.

– Fish over 4lbs must be caught, weighed and released immediately during contests.

– All litter and unused bait must be taken home.

– Use fish mats and handle fish very carefully. These fish provide sport for you and deserve to be treated well.

– Damaged fish – If you think a fish is ill or damaged beyond acceptability keep it in a net or dispatch it and report it to the management. (Remember, they would all be healthy if they had not been hooked!)

– Do not drive on the grass.

– Anyone not observing the rules will be told to leave immediately.

If you wish to come fishing or to book a contest, please make yourself fully aware of these rules and adhere to them at all times whilst on site. Thank you.

To book your fishing activity, simply email us your requirements by clicking on the button below. Alternatively, you can download our Booking Form by clicking on the right hand button below. Print it out, fill it in and post your booking to us.

Either way, we promise a prompt response and look forward to seeing you soon.





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